Magpul PTS FPG

The Magpul PTS FPG is based on the real steel Magpul FMG9, a rapidly-deployable, ultra-concealable personal defense weapon currently in development for military, law-enforcement and private security operators. It is designed to offer maximum firepower and control in a compact and discreet package.

The unique design of the FPG allows it to be quickly deployed, the compact gun unfolds with the flick of the charging handle and is ready to shoot immediately. The FPG’s internals are based on the KSC/KWA Glock 18C and can shoot full auto right out of the box. A 49 round magazine comes standard with the FPG and it also features a integrated top picatinny rail for mounting flashlights and laser sights.

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Magpul PTS Masada ACR

The original real steel Magpul Masada design represents an amalgamation of several recent rifle designs, incorporating what is considered by its designers to be the best features of each in a single, lightweight, modular rifle platform drawn from the most successful assault rifles of today including the AR-18, FN SCAR, G36, XM8 and M16. With the flair for ergonomic drama that Magpul has, they have blessed this weapon with sweeping curves and shapes to optimize user interface surfaces.

The Airsoft Masada ACR is a combination of different version real steel models incorporating the minor difference of both the Masada and the ACR hence it?s mashed name.

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Ares Tavor TAR-21

The Tavor is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle with a selective fire system, the name T.A.R. 21 is an acronym for Tavor Assault Rifle – 21st Century. It was selected as the future assault rifle for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and has been the standard issued battle rifle for the Givati Brigade since August of 2006 and of the Golani Brigade in August of 2008. The IMI Tavor TAR21 can be seen in service with over 10 countries around Europe, and in the Middle-East.

The Tavor is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition with a selective fire system; Bullpup rifles are configured in a layout in which the bolt carrier group is placed behind the pistol grip; this shortens the overall length but does not sacrifice barrel length. The T.A.R. 21 provides carbine length, but rifle muzzle velocity. The bullpup design is also used to minimize the silhouette of soldiers and to maximize effectiveness in turning corners in urban warfare.

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